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can be deployed through tarmac

are environmentally friendly

cope with hard ground conditions

are simple to install and remove

are suitable for many applications

SpirafixTM Helical Ground Anchors:

Whenever an outdoor project requires fixing to the ground, the SpirafixTM ground anchor has the unique solution. What is normally a time consuming  job involving mixing and laying concrete, can be quickly and cleanly achieved when SpirafixTM anchors are used. Completion times can be reduced by up to half, with no mess to clear up and no spoil to dispose of. In addition, the anchors are fully reusable and any structure can be dismantled, moved and re-erected with ease, leaving very few signs of disturbance to the site. Our range of ground anchors and fixings has proved to be the ideal eco-friendly solution for many local and government authorities and prestigious clients, such as Kew Gardens, Gunnebo UK, Harrod UK, Parks Canada and Skanska. They have also been used for portable jumps at the Burghley Horse Trials and were used at the London 2012 Olympics. We have worked with the designers and installers of timber buildings, decking, wall retention, and footbridges as well as supplying fixings for wind turbines and photo-voltaic arrays. Our anchors were used this year both at Glastonbury for Block 9 and the Boom Town Fare held at the Matterley Bowl. They were used with Hilti rings to avoid the use of large amounts of ballast. The SpirafixTM range of ground anchors and accessories caters not only for the more permanent projects but also for events where repeated installations of structures and equipment are needed. Apart from using a hammer to install the anchors, they can also be deployed using any impact hammer with a suitable cup. Pneumatic and hydraulic post drivers are ideal for the larger anchors. All SpirafixTM anchors are removed by unscrewing them out of the ground with a suitable socket or spanner and this can be achieved in seconds.  
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